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Fahd At-Taahiriyy

Fahd At-Taahiriyy

Minor in Islamic studies

Male |DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

Arabic - Morphology - Level One - Class 27

10 Apr

2012 10:10 AM (CST)

This class ran for 67 minutes

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Still more vocabulary to work on, and more principles to apply to practice with many words needed in your daily life.

Remember: if there is a time to do your best to practice what you have learned it is right now, because this is not any level, this is the level where you build the foundation of this science.

And it is all here, and it's free, so what is your plea?

About the Host

Fahd At-Taahiriyy

Fahd At-Taahiriyy

Minor in Islamic studies
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

With the Name of Allaah

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*All Classes after Maghrib +4GMT*

Friday: Principles of Worship, and the meaning, conditions, and rulings regarding the testimony of truth ----- through a series of Books, first to start with will be: The Four Fundamental Principles by Muhammad At'Tameemiyy (1206 A.H)

Saturday: Series of Lectures titled ( Closest to the prophet ) covering true Muslim characteristics, manners, and virtues

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday: Principles of Arabic Starting with Sarf (Morphology)

Monday: Principles of Creed ---- through a series of books starting with a splendid short comprehensive 16 verse poem by one of the Early classical great scholars: Al Hakam ibnu Ma'bad Al Khuza'iyy (295 A.H)

Wednesday: Basics of Purification, and Prayer ----- through a series of Books starting with the Book "The Conditions of Prayer, its pillars, and obligations" by (Mohammad At'Tameemiyy)

* To view recordings please visit: http://establishingtheprinciples.wordpress.com

Baarakallaahu feekum

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