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Fahd At-Taahiriyy

Fahd At-Taahiriyy

Minor in Islamic studies

Male |DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

The Dispute Between the Scholars (Reasons & Our Position from it) 3

30 Mar

2012 10:05 AM (CST)

This class ran for 65 minutes

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About the class

About the class

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This is a brief note on this issue by Ash'Sheikh Mohammad ibn Saalih Al Uthaymeen which is very beneficial and answer many doubts about Islam.
The Author said in his introduction: "This topic might move many to wonder, and some might ask: Why this topic, and this title, when other religious issue might be more important?
But this topic - especially in our present time - occupies the mind of many people, I don't say from the laymen [only], but even from the students of knowledge, and that is because broadcasting the [Islamic] rulings among the people has increased in the Media, and the dispute between so and so became a source of confusion, rather a source of doubt to a lot of people, never the less from the laymen who don't know the reasons of dispute.
That is why I saw - and it is only from Allah I seek aid - to talk about this issue, which has - from my point of view - a great significance to the Muslims"
And I say May Allah teach us what benefits us, and benefit us from what he teaches us, and increase us in knowledge.

About the Host

Fahd At-Taahiriyy

Fahd At-Taahiriyy

Minor in Islamic studies
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

With the Name of Allaah

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